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"Wanted to let you know that the resume you helped me develop worked wonders.  I received 3 senior level offers and had other companies interested in me.  I was at a point that I had to turn away recruiters.  This is a great compliment, considering market conditions." - Aaron C., VP Professional Services (Technology)

"I used your resume to get an unbelievable offer. My new employer was thoroughly impressed with my presentation." - Jeffrey C., CFO

"I found my "perfect job" in less than 2 weeks with a 35% increase in salary!  Thank you." - John S., Operations Mgr

"You have effectively crafted a document that conveys 25 years of type A behavior into an impressive set of accomplishments." - J.K., CIO

"My attitude was a little skeptical ... but I am now your fan for life. The strategies worked so well ... an incredible formula!" - Beth L., Telecom Executive

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According to most recruiters and corporate hiring managers, the majority of executive resumes look "predictably common".  This is good news for you!   When you are competing with a more powerful resume that doesn't look average and ordinary, you immediately outshine 9 out of 10 applicants.   Since employers have no prior history with you, a distinctive resume helps you be seen as an 'A List' candidate.  Plain and simple.

All Executive Resumes Are NOT Created Equal:

Imagine that you are an employer and have an opening for a key executive position.  You just received hundreds of resume submissions, most of them from qualified candidates.  Which one will get your attention?   The choice is not easy, unless a resume conveys why a particular candidate is clearly better than the rest.   Most executive resumes follow over-used formats that are known in executive recruitment circles as a "mass-market applications".   Fortunately, you don't have to follow the masses when promoting yourself.   

How Do Employers Look At Executive Resumes?

Gatekeepers see executive resumes as negative
screening devices.  They are looking for any excuse
to disqualify applicants.  Your goal is to have a power
executive resume that minimizes any negatives and
maximizes your valueWhen your resume presents
you as the best fit, you get immediate priority.
You control the outcome.

What Are The Secrets of Winning Executive Resumes?

What makes executive resumes effective?  Consider the following criteria:

  1.  Does a resume look unique (not canned and form-based)?
  2.  Does it read like a strategic proposal instead of 'yesterday's news'?
  3.  Does it differentiate you from other similarly qualified candidates?
  4.  Does it have a persuasive, clearly articulated value proposition?
  5.  Does it focus on the needs of employers and the current economy?
  6.  Most of all, does it show why hiring you is the most logical choice?

Good News:

A well-written executive resume helps you be seen as a preferred candidate.   It's a fact that a properly structured resume has up to 12 times more pull than an ordinary one.   A solid resume is the shortcut to  the job you deserve. 

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